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  • Helps you keep online logs of your boat and access your logs anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  • Provides a wealth of mariner information through an extensive marine-centric website databases and easy to read regional NOAA weather forecasts.
  • Allows you to create your online sailing resume and connects you to other like-minded enthusiast to share your thoughts and experiences on boating.
  • Use VesselLogs to sell your vessel. Nothing sells a vessel better than extensive maintenance logs. User VesselLogs to store your logs and then transfer them to any future buyers.
  • Use VesselLogs to create a web presence for your club, business or establishment. Every VesselLogs Group has it's own profile page with contact information, Member and Vessel lists, custom marine weather forecasts.


Please excuse our dust! Our warmest thanks to all boating enthusiasts who have taken interest in our site.

We've just published v1.0 of our site but are still in the process of doing some cleanup in preparation for our App launch. Within months we should be pushing our app up to the App Store. The first version will only support iOS but an Android version will follow.

VesselLogs.com, Inc. is looking for boating enthusiasts that are also web developers and marketing professionals. If you're interested in becoming a part of our team, please contact us and send an inquiry. What do you have to lose?

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We need your help. We are in desperate need of more registered users to enable us to develop many of the additional features we have planned. We understand everyone is busy and that perhaps VesselLogs's value has yet to be justified in your mind.

VesselLogs is currently free and plans to stay that way for a while. However, ultimately we will be providing services on a subscription basis. So, for a limited time, if you're one of the first 100 registered users, you'll be given access to any of our future premium services at no charge...for Life!


FREE T-SHIRT! For a limited time, we will give you a free T-Shirt if you sign-up! All you need to do is create a user and vessel profile. What do you have to loose? Please use PROMO CODE 'betauser'. Thank you for your interest in VesselLogs!

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Check out some of our great pictures from the America's Cup World Series races on August 25, 2012 in San Francisco!

Those AC45's are Fast and one of our founders, Tim van den Berg, has captured some of the action.

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